Snippets and caricature

So what  do I mean?

Imagine  for a moment that  you are a Professor. It doesn’t matter what  you are a Professor in  that is not the point  of my discussion. As a Professor  you teach on  your chosen subject, you write on your chosen subject and  you are peer reviewed on  what  you teach  and write. You are considered an expert in your field which draws much criticism from your opponents because you openly state whom  you disagree with and why. Lastly  you take pride in  your honesty and  integrity in that when  you debate  others   you debate  the issue not the person. Such a Professor might not always  be popular with their peers but they are noted for  the extent  that they strive  for honesty and respect  in their dialogue with others.

In a world where many of us are social media savvy, finding the tools  to download  and upload video’s of ourselves and others no longer requires a degree in communications and media studies. Most of us  can record and or edit others who speak publicly on a whole range of issues. As such it is easy to take  something another person has said and crop it  so that what  they said sounds nothing like what they really said at all. Television journalists have been  doing it for years. News media outlets are masters at manipulating the public  through biased and dishonest reporting. Misrepresenting people and publicly humiliating others  is the money shot in tabloids it is gold for others  to use to tear down and destroy  others characters.

As  such   you would think  that Christians might hold themselves  to a much higher standard of honesty  and integrity than secular news and media does; sadly  this isn’t always  so. Over  the past year or two I have  watched Christians that I  thought had much higher standards  than the world stoop  to misrepresenting others. These include so called mature Christian leaders and Church Pastors, some of which I know personally reduce themselves  to petty school yard tactics and politics.

I witnessed  these so called men of God upload snippets of video of  other Christian leaders whose teachings  they object  to ( or in my view don’t  really understand) with bold captions stating how  these men were liars, heretics and false teachers   who were bringing another gospel. the problem is  I took the time  to view the videos of the accused, often discovering  that they were nothing of the sort. I challenged their opposition to view what  the accused had said in context with varying levels of failure  and success (mostly failure) only  to watch the accusers eyes glaze over and repeat mantra style that  the accused were teaching false doctrine.

Saying someone is a liar who spreads falsehood is a serious charge  to make against another person especially if that person is an acknowledged expert in their field. Okay  so  they may be controversial, they may push peoples buttons and they may even sprout some very uncomfortable if not inconvenient truths that hit  close  to home. They may even be iconoclastic like myself and take pleasure in burning peoples sacred  religious, philosophical or social cows  The Professor may draw  the chagrin of others however that is not license  to discredit  them dishonestly.

The method of destruction  is relatively simple. In fact adults learn well from  the cruelty and ignorance of insensitive. self centered children whom they would scold if  they displayed   the same behavior. In the name of God however and  for the furtherance of the Gospel truth maligning, discrediting and character assassinating appears   to be fair play. Question  the persons credentials, sow doubt about the persons intentions or integrity, don’t confront  them personally. Misquote them and by all means allure  to the non-fact  that  they have some nefarious hidden agenda; most likely  that they are a satanic operative planted in the church by  the Jesuits or  Illuminati. Surely  they can’t be a true believer…….. and  so on it goes.

All I can say  to those  who lower themselves  to such tactics,  to those  who think   that it is okay  to misrepresent others, to those  who  so quickly point the finger but  forget what they look like as  soon as  they walk away  from the mirror; shame on  you! You  do nothing  for the cause of Christ and the gospel. You bring the name of Christ into disrepute. I  would rebuke  you in Jesus name but I fear  I  would only insult my Lord and Savior.


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