Living forever

A friend of mine showed me an article about a family  who placed their little girl into cryogenic stasis because she has inoperable brain tumors. I guess their hope is that one day soon a cure will be found, they can bring her out of stasis and she can then live a long and productive life.

This reminds me of Adam and Eve in  the garden of Eden. It seems when God created us His plan was  that we would live forever in obedience to Him, the narrative goes that so long as Adam and Eve didn’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would remain in a relationship with God. I will return  to this thought later.

My understanding of cryogenics is that scientist have been able  to place animals in suspended animation and then resuscitate them at some later point with no apparent side effects. This is where  things become complex; humans unlike animals are said  to possess a soul. I know some would disagree but that philosophical debate can wait  for another time. If we assume that humans are different in a spiritual sense and are on a higher plane than animals and more closely connected  to God  then if the body ceases  to function what happens  to the soul?

Okay  so there are all kinds of arguments and personal testimonies about  people who are pronounced clinically dead and claim  to have near death experiences NDE’s, where  they travel down a tunnel of light and meet dead relatives or have out of body experiences OBE’s where they float  around watching themselves being operated on or resuscitated. One must differentiate between clinical death and actual death which is the point of no return. In clinical death one’s bodily functions cease  for a time but are then revived or restored so this can not be categorized as true death. Actual death is when the body ceases  to function permanently and cannot be revived

Returning  the the scenario  where a person is placed in suspended animation one has  to determine if this is actual death or temporary death. How long can one remain temporarily dead before it becomes a permanent state and if not where does the soul go during  the intermediate time between life, death and reanimation? Is  that even a possibility?

Returning  to Adam and Eve, God has power over life  and death, God grants life and takes life  away. Because of the effects of Adam and Eve’s disobedience life is limited, death entered  the world. But death is not the end. Death is a physical consequence of sin, however our spirit lives on.

After death at an apportioned time all the dead will be resurrected either  to enter  eternal life or be judged and cast into the lake of fire. Cryogenics wont save any of us  from death. Even if we are one day able  to suspend death we will ultimately face our own mortality. The question is what do  you believe happens afterwards?

There are many different ideas about what death is and what happens to our spirit once it leaves our earthly bodies. So far as these many ideas  go the bible’s prediction isn’t very popular because it is an either, or ending where one goes  to heaven or hell based on their faith in the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ or their disobedience towards God whereupon they enter eternal punishment because they will not repent.

One can speculate about the after life and surmise all kinds of subjective philosophical outcomes where the soul joins  the great force or all are universally redeemed and meet their loved  ones in some kind of paradise; the bible is not so kind and is non optional. The bible is more arbitrary and judicial. The bible does not weigh peoples actions based on how  good or bad they are or even the possibility  that there is such a thing as reincarnation.

The bible points  to one  time in history where God substituted His Son in our place as a sacrifice for sin  to turn aside His anger and satisfy His wrath towards those He chose before  time  to be called His children that  they would be saved. Many looked  forward  to this  time, we look back to that point in history for the hope of our own resurrection; not resuscitation. No matter how long one may attempt  to suspend death no one will escape judgement. The good news is that we can enter into everlasting life and joy through Jesus Christ right now and enter His peace.


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