That glowing white Elephant in the room you wanted to ignore but just couldn’t

I was going  to write this in a way that it wouldn’t offend some people but then I  thought, “What the hell! Once in a while  it pays  to take the gloves off and offend all and sundry.” If your are a supporter of anti discrimination, if you support the LGBT movement or  you’re into  all  the kum ba ya, lets all hold hands and embrace all religion (Except those damned real bible believing Christians) then  you wont like this. And actually  you shouldn’t like it, you should be angry and you should be offended.

It is a subject that I  would normally steer clear of but like others I predicted it some 25  years ago. It was that Elephant in the room  that wasn’t exactly ignored but most were too naive to think that it was a cultural norm or moor’e that even the most liberal of minds wouldn’t cross. Even many of my Sociological friends said we would never  cross this boundary; but we are going  to thanks  to some rather brilliant idiots who can sway public opinion.

Once  upon a time when our moral compass was a lot stronger (seemingly anyway) we saw Homosexuality as an aberration or in terms of Christian morality, a sin. We knew it existed but we spoke of it as something abnormal. Once upon a time it was considered an illness and was even treated with Electro-convulsive Therapy or E.C.T. The act of homosexuality was a crime. Then the argument was put forth that  homosexuals were born that way  they didn’t choose to be homosexual.

During my graduate studies we looked at all  the for and against arguments nature verses nurture and  the argument for nature was fairly slim. Even those  who had claimed  to have found the ‘gay’ gene were found  to be biased under academic scrutiny. And yet many claim rather ignorantly, thanks  to popular media,  that gays are born gay and science has proved it! No science has not proved it, no one has. Academia itself can and has been dishonest regarding these findings. It is the old saying that if  you tell a lie long enough people believe it and it becomes the truth.

From here the gay movement began playing the victim card or the minority card using emotive arguments. Even some sections of the church eventually fell under the gay spell being made  to feel guilty by the “You aren’t showing the love of God by rejecting me” argument. And now they are taking Christians  to court if they don’t celebrate and accept the gay life style as a legitimate life style…… To you all  you LBGT people all I can say is come and get me, lock me up and throw away the key. I don’t hate  you but I will never accept your lifestyles or arguments as legitimate.

But this isn’t  the glowing white Elephant in the room although the LBGT movement did pave the way for it; along with the pop media and the phony science. The glowing white Elephant in the room is Pedophilia follow  this link and ask  yourself where  you have heard this argument before

Okay for any of  you who actually followed the link  you know where  this is going and you know it wont take long for society  to get there. Get upset, make a lot of noise,object  to your hearts content but never fear they will get their way, the perpetrators will once more become the victims. And we will get there much quicker than the amount of time it took homosexuality to become ‘normal’.

Two very tragic stories can be found without much effort of two young girls who are famous for all  the wrong reasons. They were victims of child pornography and will never be able  to step out from being type cast as the pedophiles dream even though both are now adults. My point here is that  they are re-abused every time someone downloads  their video’s, they are idealized as willing sexual objects by many pedophiles. The perpetrators go to extraordinary lengths to twist these victims into willing participants of which they were powerless to object  too or escape from.

Now if you were  to find these and other pedophiles you will find them calling these  two young girls traitors that were brainwashed away from accepting the free and open sexuality that their ‘loving’ daddies had introduced them to. They will say it is societies closed mindedness that prevents us from accepting the love that daddy or even mommy shared with their children and argue that had  they not been caught out no harm would have been done… In other words the whole right and wrong of it all is simply a social construct.

If it is a social construct and there is no  right and wrong why bother with the dialogue? Get down to business and change the law! Oh that’s right we still have  to make the pedophile a  victim and establish that there is nothing wrong with it and they can’t help it  they were born  that way. So when do we get to the murderers, psychopaths and megalomaniacs? Will we get the place where  we will resurrect  Hitler and apologize  to him? Will we build monuments  to Ted Bundy?I guess  this is where real Christianity differs from all other world views.

Philosophy  and religion in general is anthropocentric or man centered. Those religions that claim they are not man centered generally start from the premise  that humanity is basically good or they object  to the idea of original sin. Essentially they interfere with the character and sovereignty of God  to play down his decreed will while playing up the autonomy and ability of man.

Real Christianity contrasts itself from all other world views  in that it does not have a high view of man. Neither does it let man off as being a victim of circumstance  or a freak of nature.

The bible establishes the order of all our relationships. I guess God had procreation in mind, not just sensual love but selfless love. The idea of family could be said  to represent the relationship between the trinity and the church; love, sacrifice, loyalty, honesty and once again procreation figure high on that table. What does that say about any culture or society  that goes against the the idea  of marriage between a man and woman to men with men, women with women or adults with children? Look at history and the decline of each civilization that rejected the natural order.

Does that last statement shock you? It should! Does it surprise you? Actually it shouldn’t. Hollywood played devils advocate on the subject of inter-generational relationships and underage marriage at various times over the last 50-60 years or so. The problem is we either thought it was too absurd or just too Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World to consider a real possibility, Aldous Huxley should have been our first clue.

However it was the Elephant in the room that we knew was there but would never admit could happen. Are we really so naive as to think we wouldn’t get  to this place, really??? Its the next stage in a logical progression…. or is that regression? I guess the logical progression is knowing where it will end up…… the regressive part is that we think we are evolving into a higher, better more enlightened people who are more open and accepting……. We should have a good long hard think about that.


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