The Narcissist’s World

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!   

If we were to truly see the world the way the narcissist sees it, I suspect we would be shocked. It is a world full of monsters and enemies, users and competitors. The narcissist looks out on the world, from his tiny and protective cave, and fears the pain it causes. He wants the happiness and peace he sees in others, but believes it all to be a lie. In fact, he blames others for the fear he feels.

Perhaps you have noticed the conversations the narcissist has in his/her own mind. They fight battles with unsuspecting foes. Long before the boss criticizes the work, the narcissist has argued and fought and called the boss all kinds of names. After the phone call, the narcissist continues the conversation with defensive words of ridicule and anger. Rather than confront directly, the narcissist peeks out from the safety…

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