What you win them with is what you win them to (Part 5) Are they all terrorist?

Well here we go again same manure different shovel on the whole Islamist issue: Are they all terrorists?

In recent days and weeks London has been hit by a number of terrorist attacks from ISIS. Once more the anti Muslim rhetoric is get rid of Islam, ban Islam, deport all Muslims or ban Muslims from immigrating to Australia or other western countries.

Australia has been fortunate so far in that our intelligence agencies seem  to be a few steps ahead of the sleeper cells and emergent individuals that want  to take up the ISIS and Islamic State’s cause. Is there any real difference between the extremist Islamic groups? Not really. All these groups have the same end goal; kill and take control. One should wonder what would happen in the middle East if two of these groups gained political control in the same region at the same time. Could they or would they get along with each other?

Considering that each of these terror groups have a very specific view of the Qua-ran that  they don’t appear  to compromise on; I would wonder how that would work. Extreme Islam seems more hell bent on ridding the world of moderate Islam than it is on bringing down western civilisation… Of course after the extremists run out of moderate Muslims, we’re next! Thankfully that will take a long  time.

Mean while back in the West all  the right wing anti Islamic advocates seem only to have the ability to focus on the west at the expense of the middle East situation and how many moderate Muslims are dying at the hands of extremists. When terrorists bomb concerts as  they did  the Ariana Grande concert there is rarely if ever a mention of what faiths the victims belong to. I posed this challenge  to Australian Liberty Alliance’s Kirralie Smith on more than one occasion.   Kirralie is also of the opinion  that Christian’s can’t be radicalised and couldn’t become extremist… Kirralie apparently has a B.Th; I wonder where she was during  the church history lectures. But I digress!

My point here is there seems  to be an ethnocentric flavour or bias in both social media and how commentators are reporting these tragic circumstances… leaving out specific details or not even bothering  to research  the matter at all. What we are getting appears  to be the same kind of lopsided reporting that AlQaeda propagates.

I tried an experiment  the other day where I posted  to a friend of mine  who is part of a few anti Islamic groups that want Islam banned from Australia. What I posted was from https://www.phdn.org/archives/www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/genocide/statements.htm . What I attempted  to  do was expose the rhetoric of these anti Islamic groups and show the similarity of their near sited comments  to those of the Nazi’s. So far without exception all  those who saw my post in Social media thought I was linking Islamic terrorism with Nazism. To be fair the link between Nazism and extremist Islamic rhetoric has a strong correlation; however  so does  the anti Islamist rhetoric! Forget about the superior race and master race stuff and simply read  the hatred the Nazi’s had  for the Jews, how they justified  that hatred and how in the end the extermination of the Jews was the next logical step that didn’t even need qualification or explanation… it was simply a fact; it was truth! I don’t see much difference between the opposing sides opinions or attitudes of the anti-Islam movement when compared to Nazism.

The real victim here is the truth! Truth in the sense that facts and information are openly and fairly distributed by at least one side ( that should mean us)  so  that we at least get a fair balanced  view of  the situation. Sure everyone could  go and read a Qua-ran for themselves however that isn’t as simple as it sounds; the Qua-ran isn’t written  in chronological order however following  the context is the same as any literary work if you read each section and follow its context you might be surprised  to find that some of the verses quoted by its opponents are quoting it out of context. Quoting out of context is also a very common weapon of anti-Christians so that even when  you  do properly cite a text they ignore  the context as if the rules  don’t apply  to them. Try and explain  this  to them and they start staring blankly like deer stunned in headlights, or they hyper-focus on their specific information  that blocks out any other interpretation and ignores  context altogether.

In the same way the extremist’s on the other side insist on a single literal translation of the text (Christian fundamentalist’s are guilty of the same thing) However in Islam extremists may spend thousands  of hours memorising  the Qua-ran verbatim but lack any real understanding of what the text means. In Islam comparatively like  some Christian groups there is little or no  thought put into understanding the text and its deeper meaning; the text itself is really only a means to and end or a justification of a belief, a judgement or an action. There is really no room for discussion debate or dialogue.

In conclusion both fore and against Islam are guilty of the same flaws and blind rhetoric. You can’t  argue with their extremism  because  it simply reinforces their beliefs and resolve; the rest of us are apparently ignorant  rock apes who haven’t discovered fire yet with Ostrich like necks and heads that we keep firmly entrenched in the sand! They simply can’t hear past their own rhetoric and think the rest of us have  to join  their Jihad or anti-Jihad before  we are enlightened.

I know it may sound like I am repeating myself, (and I am) however One way  or the other both extremist Islam and extremist anti-Islam have the same outcome; loss of freedom, loss of the right  to practice one’s religion freely and openly and persecution of anyone who tries  to take a moderate middle road approach. That means we all lose, the so called winners  only really have a short lived victory before  they become  the source of tyranny and oppression that  the masses will once more have  to fight!



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