What you win them with is what you win them to: The thought behind the theme and my conclusion. Finale

I could thrash this theme  to death if I  so wished but I  think I’ve provided a fairly broad picture of how a belief or ideology can drive one’s whole outlook on life and the truth they have constructed that is their reason/motivation for living or what authenticates  their identity.

I’m not trying  to say my own world view is the one true way everyone  should look at the world. The challenge for all of us however is to find reasonable arguments  to validate our position. How I feel or what I feel is true is not a good way  to begin my defence; neither is using anecdotal evidence or emotive argumentation a valid method of defence for my own apologetic.

Once upon a time if a person who is a 155 centimetre tall Caucasian male from England in his mid fifties said he wanted to be identified as a 175 centimetre tall African-American woman aged 20, he would have been locked away  and put on medication. I think they used  to call something similar multiple personality disorder. I wonder if that  should now be called multiple personality  integration.

I am not saying that someone who wants  to identify as something they’re actually not has a mental illness although it does say a lot about how unhappy  that person is with their life and identity. What would cause someone  to have an apparent break with reality either suddenly or gradually that they become so discontent with their life that  they don’t want  to be who they are any more? Is this what is really  going on behind all this self-identification stuff?

If another person disagrees  with or challenges another persons self-identification and state they are offended when you refer to them by one gender when they are in fact the other gender; (so far there is only two genders I know of) should I have to address them according  to their wishes  so I  don’t offend them?

I guess  this whole dialogue could degenerate into the  whole it’s not about  you it’s about me and that  would be a fair argument on their behalf because it is obviously something that is very personal and important for them. The problem is that it doesn’t change  who  they are on the inside, it only changes them cosmetically on the outside. So in answer  to my question should I avoid offending such one’s the answer is no! I’m not obligated to call  a man a women simply because they think they are one or are transitioning  to the opposite gender.

No because from my perspective it would be in-genuine of me  to acknowledge someone as something  they’re not simply because  they say they are or say they want  to be something else other than  what they are presently. Cosmetics don’t change biology. Belief about one’s identity doesn’t change  who that person is at a molecular level although it could be described as a type of body dysmorphia. Literally meaning “I don’t like  who I am”. And yet I am forced to accommodate thinking and beliefs that I find contradictory and frankly absurd. If I don’t accommodate these people suddenly I’m a right-wing bigot full of hate… In other words there can’t be different  or opposing views on the matter I just have  to agree with them! My own worldview is invalidated and I am compromised but that doesn’t matter. I now am obligated to enable and validate something I have clear reasons to reject.

God doesn’t make mistakes

I stepped away  from my computer  for a few minutes to take a break. While I was away I recalled a conversation I had recently with a person  who is transgender they believe  they are a the wrong sex trapped in a the wrong body. They  stated  that God doesn’t make mistakes. Well if God doesn’t make mistakes then  who did? Obviously if one believes  they trapped in the wrong body or are the wrong gender someone, somewhere made a mistake.

I agree  that God doesn’t make mistakes God only made two genders for the perpetuation of our species. This not only applies to humanity this applies to all other animal species: Gen_1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
Gen_5:2 He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Man in the day when they were created.
Gen_6:19 “And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female.
Gen_7:3 also of the birds of the sky, by sevens, male and female, to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth.

If this is true  ultimately the blame falls back on God the creator because this is the way God created all of us. So is the fault with God or us? Obviously we are at fault! I’m not arguing against the order  of creation I am arguing for it. If God doesn’t make mistakes then we must be the ones  who are wrong. If one can use  God as a defence of their position then blindly not see  their own contradiction as they make this statement what am I supposed  to say? It seems  anyone can use the God argument  to validate or authenticate  their position  so not everyone can be right unless of course there is no  right or wrong.

The bible, if one believes it is true, unequivocally states that God created us and assigned us one or the other gender; so  who made the mistake? The same is true of the gay movement especially  those  who claim  to be Christian. God didn’t make a mistake, God made them  this way even though once again homosexuality is condemned as an unnatural act read Romans chapter 1 and note the context.

Of course  the LBGTQ community will deny  this or twist  and ignore the context so as  to move the argument from fact to subjective opinion. Inevitably the debate goes  from stating facts  to personal testimony about how they always knew they were gay, transgender or fluid gender or no gender at all. From here the emotions are injected into their argument about how they were misunderstood, not accepted  for who they are or were outcast  by their Christian family. These are not arguments or evidence that they are right these are statements about how one felt in those situations… It doesn’t make  them objectively true and it doesn’t change God’s design; all it means  is these people accept  the premise that God doesn’t make mistakes but then in the next sentence contradict the premise  they say  they believe by saying  they are the wrong gender or that  their gay relationship is valid in God’s eyes when clearly  they are wrong on both counts. No God doesn’t make mistakes however as fallen sinful creatures  we reject God’s proposition of truth and contort it  to fit our own beliefs and reasoning. Okay so I’ve beaten up on the whole gender/identity debate along  with the gay movement lets move on.

Epistemology: the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion. 

Next is  how we come  to belief or  to know what we  know. Are our beliefs justified/validated or are they simply opinion?  In philosophy and other academic pursuits we call knowing  what  we know  or how we come  to know that  which  we know as the science of epistemology. This is not a concise or exhaustive examination on my behalf I am using  this as  an example.

There are too many world views out there  to be able  to comment on all of them  so we need  to name a few specific examples and use a broad brush  to examine  the mechanics. In this series I have commented on religion, politics and social issues because I think  that is these systems  that make up our society in general. Politics and religion whether one is apolitical or an atheist are influenced  by both regardless of their lack of participation or belief. What ever flavour of politics one follows  or religion they believe in, at some point, someone will challenge that position because they want  to see if it is justified or if it is just  an opinion.

The process of justifying one’s position is messy, it is never straight forward and it is often laden with opinions  that are used  to validate belief. The problem here is that opinions  are generated by feelings whereas facts  don’t care about feelings  they are  true regardless. Facts are cold and cruel. How does this relate  to our subject matter?

So lets say a person denies the Holocaust of WWII is this opinion or fact? I watched  a video  the other day of Holocaust sceptics and others   who want  to drastically reduce  the number of victims that were murdered in each camp.   Their argument is now based on the official plaques  that say how many were put  to death in the concentration camps. What  they neglect  to tell  us is that each plaque only records  the estimated number of victims for that specific camp.

Not all  the Jews, Gypsies and other nonconformists were killed in one camp that would be impossible over the period of the war and the science that was used to investigate the death camps  confirms  this. However not all  the Nazi’s victims were killed in death camps or one specific camp. One estimate is that between  1933 and 1945 over 40.000 camps  were built by the Nazi’s. Obviously not all were murdered many died  from disease or starvation although deliberate starvation of inmates is a form of murder; if that occurred. The point here is whether or not the numbers are fact or opinion. The fact is  that the exterminations  recorded in WWII only scratched the surface of what occurred  in the six years before  the war. Who knows  what happened  or how many died!

One wonders  why someone would want  to rewrite history and play down the atrocities but somehow opinion gets in there  and  the facts change. People including many academics  want to revise history. Why? Is History really so offensive  to them?  Humanity has a really awful track record when it comes  to living up  the optimistic claims that we are inherently morally good. No, we are inherently morally corrupt, selfish and rebellious; especially  towards  the idea  that  there is a God in this Universe who designed us a certain way to live according  to a specific code of conduct. So when we don’t, who  do we blame? God! God becomes  either  the reason people don’t believe because the god  they created in their own minds  wouldn’t allow all  the bad stuff  to happen  to them or others. The other reason is that we want the freedom  to  do as we please without others interfering and we will  go  to any extent  to  do that. We hate it when someone appeals  to our conscience or some kind of natural order.

On the other side people use belief  or non-belief as justification  for their political/social status. Religion is often a big factor that causes one  to act a certain way. The extremes are fundamentalism that  could lead  to militant action  while  at the other end is liberalism where the fundamentals are thrown out and belief is simply a personal philosophy that makes one feel comfortable about themselves. One is anti-intellectual the other is only intellectual acknowledgement. Ask both sides  to justify  their beliefs and start counting opinions. Add  to this their reasons!

Politics aren’t immune  to opinion.. everyone has  an opinion on politics but when opinion justifies  that political philosophy it can  be good or bad. Much of this dialogue is political but it is also intermingled with  my conservative religious social view of the world; sure much of this  is my own opinion but can I justify it  so that it  goes  more on fact not feeling? The two are  so intertwined  that it is sometimes difficult  to differentiate between  them. Facts  might be objective but how  I feel about those facts effects  how I view them. Some facts I like and others I  don’t; I am not ambivalent or detached I am not neutral unless I choose not  to engage  the subject matter but regardless  those facts  will continue  to affect my every day life. I can ignore politics and religion but as soon as  someone steps on my toes and upsets my equilibrium I will become extremely political regarding my rights or I may become morally outraged that borders on religious  or I may invoke the name of god  to support my sense of outrage.

What am I trying  to get at? Belief effects out lives it directs our lives  and it controls  our lives. What we believe about our world and how we live in it matters because at the end of the day beliefs, whatever  they may be, dictate what we  do. Other times we seek out beliefs that we want  to validate our position on any given subject  or behaviour.

Psychology is the master of behaviour modification.  Freud was known  to use self-analysis or introspection to study the human condition. I don’t know how scientifically valid introspection is seeing that the  human subject is seriously flawed but this observation by me goes back  to many of my initial arguments. Introspection is a human past time we  do it pretty much all  the time  because we are processing  our world and how our world view fits into the world around us. Sometimes we want  to manipulate  the world around us  to fit our reality; sometimes  this is a good thing  and other times it can be a bad thing.

Manipulating the world around us  is what we  do as human beings. Our cities and technology are proof of this (necessity is the mother of all invention).  However  necessity and invention do not always have happy endings nor are they always for good reason or even necessary. We all have seen those TV commercials that tell us we need  this or that product. The Presenters sell  the product often using personal testimony of how  much better  their lives are now that  they have a squeegee super mop which cuts their work  time in half  so that  they can have more family time. the reality is that simply  using  a more effective technique  might have  saved time and money. This is advertising folks!

Have  you ever stopped  to observe  your own thoughts and discovered  that many of  your own ideas and desires are very much like TV commercials? I  think about what I like  and what I want. Many of my likes and wants aren’t realistic although since everyone appears  to be reinventing themselves why not me? I always wanted  to be able  to fly, why can’t I have a set of wings and call myself a Condor? I’ve always wondered what it is like  to  be a women, why shouldn’t I have a sex change? Some ideas seem harmless enough, others  appear very rewarding or appealing but can lead  to enormous tragedy. I’ll leave that  to your imagination. I have no intention of undegoing a sex change operation by the way!

The thing is how and why we justify out beliefs and behaviour. Most telling is that very often what we say and what we want are self-serving. Stop  and think  about  your wants  desires and goals  do they serve others  or  yourself? I am currently in the process of getting my poor old body into shape. Some of it is for medical reasons although it is mostly personal. If my goal is achieved it will make my job a little easier and safer  for both my clients and myself. Primarily I will be fitter and look better. I am a bachelor so looking  good may just attract the opposite sex. So far my motives and justification  for what I am doing is fairly innocuous. However  there are many  thoughts  and desires in my head that  should never see  the light of day because they are harmful  to myself and others. Yet once again there are other  things in my head that are plain unrealistic but they could make  good material  for fiction writing although I  have no idea  if  those things are helpful or harmful. People can become obsessed with the strangest things.

So how about you out there, all one or two  of you that read my blog? I know  for  some people who read this they will be offended by it and others confronted with a whole  new perspective  that they now have  to deal with. Others may think they’re superior intellectually or morally or way beyond menial discussion because  their enlightened way of looking at the world answers all  these questions; or makes them redundant.

Some will just outright object  to the content because I am obviously a narrow-minded, bigoted , medieval troglodyte who hasn’t emerged  from the dark ages and still  thinks  that  the people of the Victorian and Elizabethan era had no skeletons in  their closets; they were  the purest of people….

I’ve tried   to hit everyone including myself  so no apologies. If I offended  you is it me  or you? I’m not deflecting  any objections  that  come my way through this medium but I will defend  my right  to an opinion. I  think I can justify my opinion even if it isn’t popular. I don’t pretend  to have all the facts or know everything as some might suggest but when I look at this crazy, crazy world around me. I need  to ask  the question and maybe provoke  thought as  to what is right and wrong and maybe what we should or shouldn’t  do  to others  or ourselves.

So… some final questions  to  all… What are  you being won with and what are you being won  to? What are you doing  or using  to win others  to your point of view. What  does  your worldview say  about you and your world? Why  should  you or others invest your lives in what you think is most important  to you? Why is it important?  Is it beneficial  only  to you  or will it benefit and broaden others view of  the world?

Anyone out there want  to respond?

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