Forget the Bakers and Florists, It’s About Schools

Stephen McAlpine

Apologies to those Christians who are bakers or florists (or photographers) and who are worried about their freedom of conscience when it comes to gay weddings in Australia.

I do feel your pain, but the real issue, the real target, has always been the mediating institutions such as schools.  And sure enough, all the talk in the week – that’s right, the week -, since the Yes vote won the day, is how religious schools need to be towed into line and sign up to the new sexual ethics.

So we get a plethora of articles in The West Australian this week in which a gay teacher loses their relief role in a Perth independent Christian school for posting Facebook pictures with his lover.

The WA Premier, Mark McGowan, proves how little you need to know about anything to be the premier these days when he says he can’t see…

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