Gender Dysphoria and Identity: The Destruction of Pronouns.

I wrote a short article on my Facebook page that I think deserves further discussion and explanation. First of all, I don’t hate transgender people and I don’t want to villainize them or those in the LBGT community; however, I think that they are victims as the rest of us are. This is more than an attempt to deconstruct or undermine the identity of society. Why you may ask?

I think identity is a fragile thing in our formative years. I don’t know about you but I struggled with the differences between genders at a young age. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the difference between boys and girls. I certainly didn’t want to be a girl. But, my older sisters wanted another sister instead of me. They used to dress me up in girls’ clothes and put my hair in pigtails. I used to play dolls with my sisters for hours. So, although it wasn’t seen as entirely appropriate in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, I spent a lot of time with my older sisters doing ‘girl’ things. But I grew out of it as I matured.

If I had been a child today with this kind of behaviour I might have been influenced by the gender-neutral Nazi’s, or convinced I was really a girl by the LBGT enforcers. But I had no compulsion then or now to want to be a girl. I was curious about my differences from them and that is all. You see, curiosity does not equal compulsion. Nor does it signal preference towards or natural design towards the opposite gender. All that says is that I wanted to understand why I was different from girls.

Then there is this; I preferred being around girls more than I did other boys. I had a girl cousin that I simply couldn’t be apart from when she would visit. I adored her; I thought she was the sweetest, nicest person on earth. However, I didn’t want to be her or like her. I simply enjoyed her company. Once again, if that had been today with all this gender stuff going around, I might have been influenced by a teacher or an aunt or uncle to think that I should have been born a girl. So, why not be one? Most likely I would have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by some psychologist or medical practitioner. My parents would have been convinced that I should be registered for gender reassignment. Where would my say have been if this were the case?

So, how about children today? What on God’s green earth are we doing putting these ideas into children’s heads? What child can make an informed decision about their identity? If you were to ask a child about what they want to be when they grow up how common is it for them to reply that they want to grow up to be the opposite gender? “I want to be a pilot!” Okay so maybe when you ask a child with un-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome a literal question you get a direct answer. Maybe my world is a little too black and white and I just don’t get it… Or, do I?

As a teenager, my primary social group members were…yep, you guessed it; girls!  I had male friends. I did all the normal boy stuff like camping, hunting, some sports, and other things. I was still fairly confused about some of the differences between girls and boys but I didn’t want to be a girl. I simply liked girls. Today that might make me a transgender lesbian. What hope would I have in today’s postmodern world? Could I be sure of having any meaningful or concrete identity today as a child, teenager or young adult? Nope!

Identity is meaningless in our postmodern society! The word ‘pronoun’ will become redundant within the next 20 years unless there is some fixed point of identification from which we can clearly identify ourselves and others. Even the word “human” will no longer be able to be used because it contains the word “man”.

Keep it up, you pseudo-intellectuals morons! Get over yourselves and stop over-sensitising our children and young people. Let them play in the mud, play on un-padded swings, play with dolls, cars, toy guns, and sharp sticks. Let boys be boys and girls be girls. Stop wrapping them in cotton wool. Stop telling them gender isn’t fixed and you can choose what gender you want to be.

Stop listening to this crap that nature made a mistake and you ended up in the wrong body. Why blame nature? Nature doesn’t care and is not responsible.

Stop trying to use the argument that God doesn’t make mistakes. Most people who use this argument have no idea who or what God is. Most people give lip service to some little god they’ve created in their own minds so that when the god they’ve invented disagrees with them or their reality, they can choose to ignore that god; or change their god to fit their reality. My God is a fixed identity, my God doesn’t turn a blind eye to my sin. My God doesn’t change or make mistakes. We change, we make mistakes. We by and large, don’t like a God that tells us what to do or how to live

The Bible says God made men us male and female. God differentiates between men and women; gender is not self-determinate. We don’t get to choose our gender identity. You can mutilate your body all you want and surgically change your appearance but you are still what you were born as. That is a biological fact.

Psychiatrists and psychologists call this gender dysphoria, which is “unease with one’s identity that was assigned to them at birth”. So it’s no longer the fault of genetics, it’s the fault of those who are medically trained to assign gender.  I can tell you why some medical specialists and paediatricians are too scared to designate gender to children born today and it’s not for medical reasons. They are afraid of being sued! Why not just write down Panda Bear! It has as much meaning as trying to argue that Zippo Lighters have feelings and should be treated as equals or should at least not be abused. (reductio ad absurdum)

In the end, all our future generations will be is a bunch of mollycoddled, confused, disenfranchised nothings who can’t take criticism, who have no critical thinking skills but the ones they are told are true. They demand we respect their choices so they aren’t offended, but will not respect my views because it upsets them. I find that offensive!

We are not progressing towards enlightenment; we are regressing towards darkness!



  1. You could replace the “super sensitizing” with “over sexualizing as well.

    I think that is the point at issue here. The sensitivity issue is just a means to an end. The total destruction of morals. And the ‘psuedo intellectuals’ as you call them, are intentionally creating wimps and idiots who can’t take criticism at all.

    Which makes it easier to appeal to their desire for approval and verbal self gratification. And everyone wants sex, so they use that to help convince these wimps that they are perfectly allowed to have and demand whatever they want, and vice versa.


    1. I agree Marie 100%. Where critical faculties are concerned the elite don’t want their followers to think they just want them to think they’re thinking and being progressive when really all they are doing is grazing grass and mooing at those feeding them


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