The Pandemic lockdown and other conspiracies: Yet another what you win them with is what you win them to.

Let’s be honest, you are either pro or no to the pandemic lockdown. You are either saying keep me safe or give me freedom. Since March I have heard just about every conspiracy theory from the right and every… argument from the left that s enough to make me want to board Elon Musk’s Space X rocket and go to Mars on my own and get someone to call me when this is over.  I am over it!

I have heard every lunatic on the planet (exaggeration) say it’s the billionaires George Soros, Bill Gates and some dead guy called Rothschild with leftist agenda’s controlling  the vaccine industry in league with the Chinese Communist party, the WHO and the UN to create a new one world order; to Great Thunberg being a metaphor for a leftist style fascist climate change conspiracy  to take over the world… She does actually have some resemblance to a genetically altered lab rat with a bulbous head who wants to take over the world but she lacks the idiot sidekick who can actually pull it off. But I digress. Thunberg is simply an ANTIFA puppet who when questioned  by journalists can’t answer a question  that strays from her script and yet again I digress. I think Thunberg is actually a misfortunate pawn. My point here is if  you only hear  this side then we are all  going  to end up living under an Orwellian dictatorship as described in 1984 just  to refresh  you memory and establish my own anti-dystopian leanings. I am a believer in Utopia but not of this world. So, that pretty much sums of the paranoia of the right and the agenda or the left.

My question is if there is a middle ground? By middle ground I mean is there a reasonable argument for confining ourselves to isolation and distance as opposed  to militantly marching down the streets and insisting on my liberties and freedoms in  the face of death from a virus from a bat named Freddie created in Wuhan by a less  than Stellar communist regime who wants us to think  they are  the saviours of the world… not Gretta Thunberg.

On a more serious note and a very serious question, to what extent do we threaten our lives at the expense of liberty and freedom? How do I/we, reconcile my/our freedoms at the expense of the lives of myself and others? Can I justify marching to the Whitehouse or Capitol Hill to demand the Government let the people go if that means thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions die as a result?

Every man and his or her dog must be an expert on COVID19 after watching YouTube or reading every google article on the planet by now. Of course, it doesn’t matter what the experts say, it only matters what I feel is the truth or what my political and religious convictions dictate are true. Ironically if we’re dead and I mean we’re all dead that may not matter; will it?

I have been listening  to the republicans in the USA and their religious components pound away,  frothing at the mouth about their constitutional  rights and whatever amendment it is that they rather passionately expound to demand they be able  to return  to work, walk  their dog, or drive  to  the nearest hamburger joint  to chow down. That is all well and fine unless you inadvertently infected everyone in sneezing distance of you with a deadly pathogen.

In Australia which has about a tenth of  the population of Britain and the USA there are of course mumblings and murmurings of the leftist conspiracy to take over the world and I have  to admit there are some signs of the apocalypse mainly due to the Chinese Communist Party and  their willingness to kill the Australian economy and not own responsibility for this nasty little virus that got loose from some little place called Wuhan in a virus lab.

My point here is that we are taking a more cautious approach by not everyone jumping on the its my life bandwagon which is refreshing because we aren’t jumping off the cliff with all those Republicans or following every Hollywood fashion.

Another salient point I need to address is all the nonexperts in the media, political and religious sphere who are suddenly experts on COVID19 on whether or not it is as virulent/innocuous as one or the other side says it is. Every other man or woman seems to know whether or not there is or will be a cure. Please, please I beg you don’t listen to the antivaxxers, they are wrong so far as  they are  concerned everything from the small pox vaccine  to the flu vaccine should never have been created;  every person who ahs never had a flu shot and never had  the flu swear by  their own anecdotal testimony  that their own truth is right!

Here is my real point to this at times semi humorous shot of realism (sorry antivaxxer’s I couldn’t help it).  What you believe and where you get your beliefs from can and does have serious and even deadly consequences. Depending where you live in the world and with what world views we live by, can be a life and death matter for both ourselves and others. That is especially true in today’s current hysteria.

It isn’t a joke your own safety depends on the lives of others. If this pandemic is someone’s idea of a really bad joke and it’s a hoax it will come out in the long run. If it turns out to be as bad as the experts claim it is then shame on the idiots perpetuating freedom and liberty because it won’t really matter if you’re dead will it?


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