I didn’t go far enough: what you win them with, is what you win them to.

In February 2017 I wrote an article entitled A rant on social engineering, genetic science and reinventing history https://chrissymonds65.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/a-rant-on-social-engineering-genetic-science-and-reinventing-history/  I posted  that article on Facebook in response to a friends meme about how  those  who control the prevailing narrative also control  the minds of the masses. So, in other words, if the masses stay silent or remain passive and do not challenge the prevailing narrative; those in control win.

Well, it’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it? We’ve had a pandemic, we’ve had racial protest riots, we’ve had toilet paper shortages, medical shortages, economies brought to a halt and economic blackmail by none other than the apparent orchestrator of both the COVID19 pandemic and the stalling of the world’s economy; China. Last but not least we have the American Presidential Election fiasco.

This last point has far reaching consequences for the free world as we know it where the left-wing socialist/communist/cultural Marxists, and their media cohorts are upselling the great reset where essentially it is promising to save the world… It won’t.

So, what is the great reset supposed to be saving the world from you may ask? Well, I hope you’re asking that question because the answer is life changing, mind altering and has ramifications so far reaching that it makes George Orwell’s 1984 look like a kindergarten picnic, except it is not a dystopian work of fiction it is a very real probability.

On the surface the great reset will save the world from poverty, it will save the world from financial ruin, it will save you and me from financial ruin. All your debt will be wiped, all your medical cares will be provided for, you will never have to worry where your next meal is coming from and you will be provided with a wage. The whole world and every person will be provided with a basic living wage although if you obtain employment you can make more than the Basic Universal Living wage. Everyone will have a roof over their heads and life will be just dandy… or will it?

Some of my Christian friends are saying this is the beginning of the New World Order that the Bible talks about with the One World Government before the Beast and the great false Prophet is revealed and the Mark of the beast etc. I am not so convinced that the mark of the beast and the New world Order coincide with each other or that this signals the end of the age before Christ returns. I could be wrong of course but here’s my problem with that whole view.

Before now there has been political leaderships or dominions such as the Roman Empire that dominated vast areas of the known world seemingly bringing economic social prosperity and peace. Then there was a time when the Roman Catholic church controlled empires, knowledge as well as Kings and Emperors. There was Alexander the great and before him Pharos and before them other kings ruled vast empires and by proxy whole countries… Here’s a list that you can research for yourself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_great_powers

The thing is that for each one the people of those times, especially in our Christian epoch, have read their bible’s or some other religious manuscripts and said that it fulfilled prophecy when in fact it didn’t; not even close!

So how is the great reset in that vein? It’s the same pattern that emerges time and time again throughout history. What isn’t often acknowledged is the fact that we humans are terrible at managing our affairs and certain individuals step in and bring about a great reset. The intent may be good but the results are often much less positive than the idea was to begin with… I am understating the facts. Then we revolt and another epoch and Empire rises to take its place.

So, that was a long winded but necessary side track to warn you about what might come under the latest New World Order.

The great reset promises great things but in hindsight there was a lot of manipulating, undermining as well as outright lying to get us to where we are. Transgenderism, climate change, Black lives matter among other things set the stage for where we are now; none of which has any bases in scientific fact but is fuelled by fear, emotions and hysteria.

However, here is what the great reset promises in a nutshell. You and I will be happy. There will be no war, there will be no famine, there will be no homeless people everyone will be treated as equals… but we will own nothing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcAO4-o_4Ug

Everything we have will be loaned or rented to us and automatically replaced when it wears out, but the cost is your freedom. Yes, this reset will cost you everything, control everything you do, say and think… if you let it

When I wrote my article back in 2017, I had no idea what was coming especially this last 9 months. I have seen and read so much in this recent time that I can’t predict what will come next. I can’t even begin to guess and I am not sure I want to contemplate that. I am not afraid to take a stab at it but this whole thing is snow balling so fast that it makes the mind reel if not convulse from the overload.

I have friends who know Orwell’s 1984 inside out but if I am honest, for them it is purely intellectual they are mere bystanders observing Orwell’s 1984 turning from fiction into fact before their very eyes and all it is to them is interesting if not amusing.

A week or so ago I critiqued a post on fire management here in Australia from a news article one of my friends posted on Facebook. Instead of engaging it and pointing out what was wrong with the narrative behind the news story they simply accepted it as fact then accused me of being a troll and wanted some numbers. So, I gave them numbers, I gave them commonly known facts that anyone over 50 knows. But it doesn’t fit the current climate change narrative. The narrative of today doesn’t have actual facts all it does have is politically charged rhetoric. No one bothers to fact check the fact checkers. People are simply too busy finding their own private Idaho to give a damn about actual truth. I would like not to give a damn but I guess I will be one of those described in Aldous Huxley’s brave new world that are defective, that don’t belong and can’t be reprogrammed. I am broken.

Please read my previous article and please comment I need to know if I am crazy that I imagined this. If I didn’t and its real, we should all be very concerned if not afraid of what is coming.

We look forward   to 2020 being over and think 2021 is going to be a better year… I have very real doubts about that


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