Memory in Time

Thinking of those times when the sun shone bright, seemed so much brighter than today.

Mesmerised by that sweet smile, those innocent eyes that sought assurance full of unconditional love.

Life was vibrant, we were full of energy and curiosity. We didn’t worry about the future we lived for here and now.

We roamed the parks, paddocks and countryside holding hands or arms around shoulders tasting the sweet air.

We were best mates; we were young sweethearts. The thrill of that first kiss, that innocent embrace.

Summer nights listening to the crickets sing looking up at the stars imagining there was life out there somewhere.

Youth was our gift. It was that thing we never thought would pass, we were eternal and immortal.

The boundless energy, the enthusiasm, the corny jokes and laughter the endless impressions.

It was all there, it was when we were young, when our limbs were strong and we had boundless endurance.

There were those  songs  that stay with us  that when we hear them we smile as they remind us of that sweetheart; and that memory never fades.


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