George Orwell and other happy endings. What you win them with is what you win them too.

You wonder how many times   you have to repeat something   to someone before it sinks in or that the public has  to see something before  they wake up and smell  the roses. I said in response   to Martin Iles post on cancel culture where he says Martyn Iles

tSpaon1iasorehd  · 

Lies don’t need censoring. They can be exposed by analysis.

Truth is also exposed by analysis, which is why those who hate truth must censor.

The more fragile lies tend to be supported by the more ruthless censorship.

This pretty much explains cancel culture

I replied to another of his comments Author

Martyn Iles

The utopian reply to this is, “but lies will still exist!” Yeah… I know… I’m not proposing a way to eliminate lies, because there is no way. Such a utopia does not exist. That is the very mistake the censors make from the outset.

Chris J. Symonds

Martyn Iles

 lies don’t exist in George Orwell’s 1984 only the truth’s that the state approves and that’s the world we live in now.

And folks, this is the world we live in now they aren’t even hiding the fact that they are lying but everyone   thinks its true because barely anyone has bothered to check the facts. Facts don’t matter.

No, the world and the left are so busy getting everyone to check into their feelings and their ‘I’m so offended meters! That no one apart from a few are even bothering to ask the question, “Is  this true?

Cancel culture has the world in a tither about offending someone because Dr Sues depicted a Chinese man with chopsticks in one of his books or that we dared to call a plastic toy potato with a face Mister or Misses because it’s not gender-nuetral or a candy bar Redskin… where does it end? Don’t call matchsticks redheads… or did I miss that one already? Oh, I’m sorry, I used the word miss even though it wasn’t as a pronoun. (Note the sarcasm)

Yes, once more we see ourselves sliding ever further down that slippery slope towards 1984. I am surprised any reference to George Orwell is even allowed outside a mental asylum because that certainly couldn’t be our future reality could it? Surely that is just fanciful fiction.

It’s right up in our faces, it’s happening as I speak. Cultural Marxists aren’t even hiding it, they are doing it openly playing puppeteer and pulling the strings while everyone happily jumps up and down marching to the bands tune.

I’ve used the example from Orwell’s work before where 2+2=5. It’s not a lie if big brother says so, it’s the truth. It is actually a lie but unlike Joseph Goebbels big lie, it doesn’t even need to be big anymore nor does it need to be defended or justified, so, if the state says 2+2=5 then 2+2 damn well =5.

Autocracy lives just around the corner.


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