the purpose of what you win them with is what you win them to.

So much of what I write has a single focus which is the process of how we come to know what we know. My focus is about truth, however, there is a cacophony of voices battling for your loyalty, your preference, your acceptance of their world view. Whether you are Christian or atheist, whether you are politically conservative or liberal, whether you lean left or right, someone wants your attention or your allegiance to their cause or agenda.

At some point one must ask the question that involves critical thinking that steps outside our world views to the bigger question where we see our own short comings as to whether our world views actually work in the real world and what is the chief end or purpose of that world view. Is it utilitarian? Or is it self-serving?

The Westminster confession of faith askes the question, what is the chief end of man. The answer is that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Philosophically, theologically, socially and politically as simple as this answer may appear it fulfills the criteria and purpose for winch man was created, presuming you accept the presupposition that there is a God.

If you don’t believe in the existence of God and that the chief end of man is man or that ultimately man is the master of his own domain and there is nothing outside man you still have to answer the question of purpose. If there is no ultimate purpose and we are just a random accident then the answer is nihilism.

If nihilism is the answer then why do we bother to improve ourselves, why do we bother with self-improvement. What is the point of evolution? Why bother with moral improvement if we are just a random freak circumstance in an unfeeling uncaring Universe? Does purpose matter and why does it matter if there is nothing outside ourselves? The answer is it doesn’t!

Why should I care about the children I love, why should I care about the girl at the local supermarket, except that she is a bag of biological substance, why should I feel anything but determinate urges to procreate… what is the point?

It’s futile to think that it matters…  this is nihilism.

On the other hand, to think there is an actual creator or a purpose to life, that there is someone outside ourselves   that actually cares or has an intended purpose for our lives, gives us meaning.

It means that what we think matters. It means that there is truth and that truth matters. It means that at minimum life has an objective, that life is not just a random impartial process that doesn’t matter. Life matters, truth matters. What you are won with is what you become in this life determines where you go in the next life… It means that this life is not the end. This life is only the beginning… I urge you to consider this.Here is a little video where one person explains the agenda of Marxism.

I oppose this view and its end purpose this video exposes that agenda


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