What you win them with is what you win them to: This says it perfectly; and an announcement on the New world order.

I found an intere3sting video tonight that I want to say something about.

As much as I am not a antivaxxer or COVID 19 Conspiracy Theorist, the similarities between the narrative and rhetoric used by Governments around the world is seriously, SERIOUSLY alarming. The parallels to propagandising and the use or authoritarianism for me is also alarming.

I keep getting these pictures in my head of the TV ads promoting the vaccine. The Government repeats itself ad nauseum that the only way we are going to get our freedoms back is through being vaccinated. The media uses virtue signalling and emotional manipulation while social media does everything in its power to control what information you get in your news feeds, bulletin boards and on your walls, through its… um… err… ‘unbiased‘ factcheckers. The video below will most likely disappear in the next few days but this woman says everything about what is going on in the USA and the rest of the world so succinctly.

Just a word on my comment regarding getting our freedoms back, like being able to move throughout Australia without the need for vaccine passports and police checks; my advice is don’t hold your breath! Right from the inception of the whole COVID19 shamdemic I had questions about whether this was man made or just one of those freaks of nature but it was confirmed as early as March that it was man-made. Ironically no Government will call out the Chinese Government for developing a bioweapon and has engaged in biowarfare… but I digress.

If we think we are going to have the same freedoms as the pre-pandemic era, I am pessimistic at best. I think its accurate to say we have entered a new era and if one wants to say we have entered a New World Order, then, we have. It’s here folks, line up and get The Mark of The Beast. Actually, don’t bother lining up. Anyone who lives by the world system that is not in Jesus Christ already bares the Mark of the Beast.

If anything has proven the Yale University, Milgram experiment correct https://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html this pandemic has.

The woman in this video nailed not just the pandemic but almost perfectly sums up the definition of What You Win Them With Is What You Win Them To. The education system is the Governments grooming and training ground where they mould them into passive, non-thinking sheep that will do as they say. The point being that our Governments are encroaching on Parents God given rights. At some point children will be owned by the state and loaned back to their biological parents to feed at their own expense.

I am not a prophet or clairvoyant. I hope I am wrong.


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