I am a Calvinist. I believe knowledge is useless unless you give it away.

Bio: I hate these about me profiles they are narcissistic. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ who has a lot in common with the teachings of John Calvin and other Reformers. However where others call themselves Calvinist's or similar I simply call myself Christian because only through Jesus are were made right with God through His sacrifice on the cross. For me the bible is the inerrant inspired word of God. I take the same view as Francis A. Schaeffer that the bible is God's proposition to mankind that tells us how to live in relation to God and men. My view of morality and ethics is that they are not defined by men. Morality/ethics is not self evident or inherently human in nature. Morality is defined through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and therefore begins with God the creator and ends with Him. As problematic as that may appear the other alternative is that man is the final arbiter of truth which is ever changing in accordance with social/cultural/philosophical relativism. Relativism can only ever result in temporal truth without a final destination or conclusion. I am politically/socially conservative which in many areas puts me in the minority over against the prevailing leftist progressive views that currently prevail.

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